Esthetic Injectors Suites for Lease in Frisco, TX

You crave the freedom to create your space and build a loyal clientele. But the high costs and complexities of setting up your place can be daunting, leaving you feeling stuck and frustrated. Because of these hurdles, you shouldn’t have to compromise on your dream of running your suite.

At Century Salon Suites, we understand your aspirations and challenges. We have established ourselves as more than just a salon space provider. We are a community-driven platform where professionals can emerge as industry leaders, supporting each other in a vibrant marketplace that we are proud to call our own.

Century Salon Suites Frisco

Limited Availability!

At Century Salon Suites, we understand your desire to have your own beauty studio. That’s why we are excited to announce that we have a limited number of 120 sq ft and 170 sq ft suites for rent available in Frisco, TX. Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to secure your place in our vibrant beauty studio community.

Benefits of Leasing an Esthetic Injectors Suite with Century Salon Suites

Leasing a suite with Century Salon Suites has numerous benefits to help you thrive in your business. Here’s what you can expect if you sign with us before the end of January:

Move-In Week Free

We understand that settling into your new space takes time. That’s why we provide you with a complimentary move-in week so that you can focus on setting up and beautifying your suite.

Birthday Week Free

Celebrate your special day with peace of mind, knowing that you won’t have to worry about any lease payments during your birthday week in the first year of your tenancy.

Waived Application Fee

We want to make the process as smooth as possible for you. By waiving the application fee, we eliminate an unnecessary financial burden.

Complimentary Professional Headshot

Your personal marketing is crucial as a beauty professional. We’ll provide a complimentary professional headshot to enhance your online presence and attract clients.

Entryway Century Salon Suites Frisco

Your Journey to Success Starts Here

Avoid the struggles of finding a suitable space and join Century Salon Suites today. Experience the success and fulfillment of having your esthetic injectors suites for lease in Frisco, TX.

With our suites for rent, we want to help you overcome the challenges of establishing or expanding your practice. Here’s a simple three-step plan to get started:

Visit Us

Schedule a viewing of our esthetic injectors suites for lease in Frisco, TX, and see the beautiful and well-equipped spaces we offer firsthand.

Submit your application

Submit your application to secure your lease. Our team will guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have.

Sign The Lease

Review and sign a lease agreement to enjoy the benefits of being a part of Century Salon Suites.

Don’t let the opportunity slip away!


Please contact us directly using the form, or the information below. If you are interested in leasing with us, please submit our Leasing Information Form.
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