Esthetician Suites For Rent in Frisco, TX

You’re driven to control your destiny and create a unique client experience. But finding the right space that matches your vision can be daunting, leaving you feeling frustrated and limited. It shouldn’t be this challenging to secure a perfect space to manifest your creativity.

At Century Salon Suites, we understand these struggles and are here to help. We offer esthetician suites for rent in Frisco, TX, equipped with top amenities, to provide you with the perfect opportunity to embark on your independent journey and establish your thriving business. 

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Creating the Perfect Environment

Achieving your dream of owning a personalized esthetician space is within reach with Century Salon Suites. We believe that every esthetician deserves the chance to shine, so we provide exceptional suites for rent in Frisco, TX. Your journey to building a distinctive brand in a space tailored just for you starts here.

When renting a suite, the right amenities can make all the difference. Century Salon Suites provides a range of amenities tailored to meet your needs:

Free Use Of On-Site Laundry

Maintaining a clean and professional environment is essential for your business. That’s why we offer free use of on-site laundry facilities, making it convenient and easy for you to keep your linens fresh and your workspace tidy.

Enclosed Suites For Privacy

Privacy is important for both you and your clients. Our suites for rent are designed to provide a private and comfortable space where you can focus on delivering exceptional services without distractions.


Convenience is key, especially for your clients. Century Salon Suites offers ample parking, ensuring clients can easily access your suite and enjoy a hassle-free experience.

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Exclusive Benefits for Your Entrepreneurial Journey

Century Salon Suites offers exclusive benefits to help you kickstart your journey as an independent esthetician. Sign in with us before January to access exclusive benefits:

Move-In Week Free

Begin your journey with us by enjoying a complimentary move-in week. Take the time to settle into your new space and create an ambiance that reflects your brand.

Birthday Week Free in the First Year

Celebrate your special day stress-free. During your first year with us, we offer a birthday week free from lease payments, allowing you to enjoy your milestone while focusing on serving your clients.

Waived Application Fee

We want to make the process as smooth as possible for you. By waiving the application fee, we remove any financial barriers and make it easier for you to start.

Complimentary Professional Headshots for Personal Marketing

We understand the importance of personal branding for your beauty studio. As our new-year tenant, we offer you a complimentary professional headshot to enhance your online presence and attract potential clients.

Your Path to Success with Century Salon Suites

Avoid the frustration of limited options and embrace the possibilities of independence. Century Salon Suites provides a beauty studio and a platform for estheticians to build independent businesses and leave a lasting impression on their clients. 

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